Farm Cake

Penis Cake Pan

Cake Mix
1 Tub of White frosting
Frosting Dye (Red and Green)
White Icing
Chocolate and Toffee Sprinkles
Animal Crackers
Non-Stick Cooking Spray
1) Prepare your cake mix according to the directions. If you buy yours out of the box like I do, the directions will be on the back.. If you make yours from scratch, simply follow your recipe. For the farm, of course, I went with a carrot cake. 
2) Spray your penis pan with non-stick cooking spray. We use Wilton’s Bake Easy, NOTHING sticks with that stuff! Once your pan is sprayed pour in your cake mixture. This cake pan is regular size so it should use the entire cake mix. Bake your cake according to the instructions.
3) Once your cake is baked and cooled, remove the cake from the pan by flipping the pan upside down onto the cake board you will be using to decorate. Many people choose to use wax paper.
4) Now you can mix your dyes. Take your container of white frosting and separate it into two bowls. Using your green and red dyes mix one color green and one color red. 
5) You can then spread the green frosting over the base of the cake for your grass. With the red frosting you can cover the top of the penis for the barn. 
6) For the last few touches use your white icing to make a barn door, window, and fence. Use the chocolate and toffee sprinkles around the top of the cake for the barn roof. Lastly, add the animal crackers around the barnyard.