Fireworks Cake


Penis cake pan

Cake Mix

1 tub of white frosting

Frosting Dye (Green and Blue)

Sprinkles (Stars, red/white/blue, silver)

Non-stick Cooking Spray

1) Prepare your cake mix according to the directions. If you buy yours out of the box like I do, the directions will be on the back.. If you make yours from scratch, simply follow your recipe.

2) Spray your penis pan with non-stick cooking spray. We use Wilton’s Bake Easy, NOTHING sticks with that stuff! Once your pan is sprayed, pour in your cake mixture. This cake pan is quite small so it should only use about half of the cake mix. I used the other half to make some cupcakes. Bake your cake according to the instructions.

3) Once your cake is baked and cooled, remove the cake from the pan by flipping the pan upside down onto the cake board you will be using to decorate. Many people choose to use wax paper.

4) Now you can mix your dyes. Use about half the white frosting. In a bowl mix it with the blue dye. In another bowl mix a tiny bit of white frosting with green dye. 

5) Frost the entire top part of the cake with the blue frosting. Leaving just the head of the penis bare, you will frost the head of the penis with the green frosting. 

6) To make the fireworks, carefully place your sprinkles in a firework burst pattern. You will want to use two types of sprinkles for two different bursts on each of the balls. I used stars for one and red, white, and blue sprinkles for the other. To top it off I used silver sprinkles mixed in to create the ‘sparkling’ look.